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  • What do you mean by "independent" producers or broadcasters?
    Independents are individuals or companies which do not belong to the large public or commercial networks.
    Many of these stations came into being during the last decade and are developing at a sustained rhythm in most countries.
    Therefore the size of their equipment or content needs is smaller and probably more cost-effective.
  • What do you mean by "local" broadcasters?
    Local or regional broadcasters cover smaller regions than national broadcasters.
    But there are no standard figures about the numbers:
    more than 4000 television stations (and probably 5 to 6 times more radio stations) of this kind exist already in Europe - Italy counts 1'100 radios and 600 television broadcasters, Spain about 400 local TV, but Switzerland, on the other hand, considerable less...
    And how many webcasters? Nobody dared count them until now...
  • Are webcasters included in the general term of "broadcasters"?
    Of course! Webcasters are also broadcasting...
    No matter the pipe, it is the content that matters first.
    And this is MITIL's prime concern.
  • How much of MITIL will be relevant to me?
    Virtually everything. MITIL is very tightly targeted, so that it delivers a great experience to delegates, exhibitors and sponsors alike. If you are involved in local or independent broadcasting, MITIL will be the best, most focussed event you’ve ever visited.
  • Is there any link or relation with the former Montreux ITVS (Montreux TV Symposium)?
    Absolutely None! Let us repeat this once more: None whatsoever.
    Montreux and Vevey are maybe in the same region and they almost form an unique town but the former ITVS has nothing to do with the MITIL Association.
    Different people, different goals, different spirit.


  • Do I have to attend MITIL in order to register a programme at the Market (VideoKiosk) ?
    No. There are two different registration forms: one for participants and another for submitting programmes.
    The two forms bear no relation.
    You would, however, be able to promote your production/s more satisfactorily to potential buyers if you were to attend and be present at the event.
  • What is the difference between the 50.- euros registration and the one at 500.- euros?
    The first option allows you to attend the Technical Exhibition and have full access to the database of the Programme Market electronic VideoKiosk - they are located in the same hall.
    The second option gives you full access to all the Discussion Forums, Workshops, Conferences & Round Tables, which are one of the principal features of MITIL + access, of course, to the Technical Exhibition and the VideoKiosk.


  • Why are the MITIL awards presented during the Opening Ceremony and not at the end of the event, as is usually the case?
    MITIL is a programme market and not a Festival. There are no public screenings - they are individual; this is possible thanks to our fully searchable electronic videokiosk.
    For the guidance of our viewers, we hold the Award Ceremony every year on the Opening Day of MITIL. In this way, the best of the programme entries are highlighted and participants have sufficient time to discover them.
  • My TV programmes are mainly of local interest - is it worthwhile submitting them to your Programme Market?
    You and your audience are probably the only ones to think they are local!
    In fact, 95% of them ARE local and not really of interest to anyone else outside your broadcasting area. But the remaining 5% is certainly not exclusively local and many other broadcasters might well be interested.
    Think of cultural programmes, magazines, portraits of people, sport events, animated cartoons or short stories. Forget about news coverage and local affairs. Other broadcastrers will more than likely show as much interest in these programmes as you yourself will no doubt when you discover what they have produced.
    ... and - do you think that National Broadcasters are really broadcasting ONLY programmes of national interest?
  • Is the Programme Market VideoKiosk only for buying/selling programmes?
    No, certainly not! Over and beyond any trading activity, one of our Market's main strengths is to provide international exposure for progammes which cannot be viewed outside of the broadcasting area of their initial production zone - this allows programmes not only to have a potential second life but highlights the activities of their producers/broadcasters.


  • How big are your exhibition halls?
    They are not big, they are "human-sized".
    And we want to keep it like this. The amount of exhibitors (in both the "market" and "exhibition" halls) is therefore limited.
    You won't need any skateboard, scooter or rollers in order to move around. Everything is within walking distance: screening booths, technical exhibition, conferences, restaurants, hotels...


  • Is Switzerland still soooo expensive?
    Have you been travelling lately to London, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Munich or Milan? If so, you'll be surprised by the prices you will find here.
    The truth is, Switzerland WAS expensive. But, while the rest of Europe's prices were climbing to new heights year after year, Switzerland has remained stable.
    As our Tourist Office has negotiated special rates with hotels during the MITIL event, you'll find single rooms starting at euros 60.00.(see our accommodation section)
    And the old rule is still valid: the earlier you book, the better the deal.



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