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  • What do you mean by "independent" producers or broadcasters?
    Independents are individuals or companies not belonging to a network or to a larger corporation.
    Therefore the size of their equipment or content needs are smaller and probably more cost-effective.

  • What do you mean by "local" broadcasters?
    Local or regional broadcasters cover smaller regions than national broadcasters.
    But there are no standard figures about the numbers:
    In Europe, Italy counts 1'100 radios and 600 television broadcasters, Spain about 400 local TV, but Switzerland much less...
    And how many webcasters? Nobody dared count them until now... We'll know much better in June.

    Until then, please have a look at our Newsletter IV (under the "news" section). You will find some interesting figures.

  • Are webcasters included in the general term of "broadcasters"?
    Of course! Webcasters are also broadcasting...
    No matter the pipe, content matters first.

    And this is MITIL's prime concern.

  • Is there any link or relation with the former Montreux ITVS (Montreux TV Symposium)?
    NONE! Let us repeat this once more: None whatsoever.
    Montreux and Vevey are maybe in the same region and they almost form an unique town but the former ITVS has nothing to do with the MITIL Association.
    Different people, different goals, different
    Apart from the fact that two former key members of the Symposium staff, Renee Crawford and Xavier Kempf, have decided to stay online and with MITIL...
    But the relation with this event ends here.

  • How big are your exhibition halls?
    They are not big, they are "human-sized".
    And we want to keep it like this.
    The amount of exhibitors (both in the "market" hall and in the "exhibition" hall) is therefore limited.
    You won't need any skateboard, scooter or rollers in order to move around. Everything will be at (human) walking distance: screening booths, technical exhibition, conferences, restaurants, hotels.

  • Is Switzerland still soooo expensive?
    Have you been travelling lately to London, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Munich or Milano? If so, you'll be surprised by the prices you will find here.
    The truth is, Switzerland WAS expensive. But, while the rest of Europe's prices were climbing in new heights year after year, Switzerland has remained stable.
    As our Tourist Office has negociated special rates with hotels during the MITIL event, you'll find single rooms starting at $50.00.(see our "accomodation" section)

    And the old rule is still valid: the earlier you book, the better the deal.


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