MITIL - The only International Market for Independent and Local Broadcasters, held every year in June in Vevey, Switzerland, was created to be the annual meeting platform dedicated to independent and local producers and broadcasters, both at international and European level: more than 3000 television stations and probably 5 to 6 times more radio of this kind exist already in Europe, organisations which do not belong to the large public or commercial networks.

Many of these stations came into being during the last decade and are developing at a sustained rhythm in most countries.

The first edition of this unique event was held in June 2001 and the results were extremely positive - there was a unanimous recognition of the value of such an event; the success and usefulness of the initiative were acclaimed, not only by the specialised media but also by the participants themselves.

Some 280 visitors from 30 countries were able to attend 25 conferences, round tables and debates featuring 45 speakers and moderators representing 20 countries; they could view all day long the 150 programmes registered at the Videokiosk (a platform for the exchange of audiovisual content) and some 15 exhibitors presented technical solutions adapted to the specific needs of the attendees.

The aim of MITIL 2002 (June 12 - 15, 2002) is to double the number of participants and exhibitors, to improve the programming of the discussion forums and conferences, and to offer a still wider panorama of the programmes presented at the Videokiosk.

The Organizing Committee has taken into consideration, already for the upcoming second edition, some of the numerous remarks and suggestions made by those in attendance last year (reminder : if you were present in 2001 and have not yet sent back the " list of wishes ", you may still complete and return by fax). One suggestion which is proving very positive is the email discussion list. This service was introduced a few months ago; it is open to all professionals and is free of charge to all subscribers- for more information click here.



SONOVISION, France (#454, Sept. 2001)
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"It is important that MITIL exists. This event offers a platform to the players active in local broadcasting who have, at last, their own rendez-vous which meets their needs.
The MITIL participants appreciated, in particular, the outstanding on-line Videokiosk/Programme Market"

TV8, Switzerland (7-13 July, 2001) full PDF file

"Vevey, could it become the key meeting platform for European regional broadcasters ? Following the first edition of MITIL, it is not impossible to believe that this is possible - the MITIL Association has just launched a European "first"

VARIETY, London (18 June, 2001) full HTML page

Speaks of the " bravery and ingenuity that many local broadcasters exhibit in delivering local updates when the unpleasant realities of war and disaster strike. Such challenges have resulted in powerful award-winning programmes seldom seen outside their local markets "...
A challenge also which MITIL has accepted by launching its first International Market for Local and Independent Broadcasters.

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